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The School of Continuing Education of XJTU achieved good results in the 24th "119 Fire-fighting Knowledge Contest of XJTU"

Writor:佚名 publishtime:2015年01月20日 source:本站原创 hits:[]

    The 24th "119 Fire-fighting Knowledge Contest of XJTU" was held on 20th November in Xianzi Auditorium. After a preliminary competition among 25 teams, 8 teams took part in the finial, including representative teams of Nanyang College, Pengkang College, Qide College, School of Medicine, School of Continuing Education, School of Electronic & Information Engineering, School of Chemical Engineering and Technology, and School of Public Policy and Management.
    The contest consisted of  five sections, essential questions, tacit agreement questions, essay questions, rob to answer questions, and risk questions. The atmosphere was intense but orderly, and enlivened by the cheering squads. With careful preparation, calm performance, tacit cooperation and encouragement, the representative team of our school did a good job and finally won the second prize.
    This contest promoted fire-fighting knowledge among students and offered excellent opportunity for students to practice team work and flexibility, which found favor with students and faculty. 

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