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Distance Education

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    College of Distance Education was founded in 2001, and merged with School of Continuing Education in 2006. Based on the Western area while facing the whole nation, the distance education programs aim to create a powerful brand, providing high-quality distance education home and abroad.  So far we have achieved great-leap-forward development. A network supporting service system for distance education of leading domestic level based on satellite and terrestrial transmission platform has been established, which supports activities such as interactive synchronous real-time teaching, on-demand learning and reservation, online communication between teachers and students, online Q&A, and online examinations. Currently over 300 streaming media network coursewares involved with 17 specialities (programs) are provided which can simultaneously satisfy 100,000 learners. What's more, learners have free access to resources of 1,800 MIT open courses. Our distance education system has provided resources for self-directed learning of anyone, anywhere, and anytime.
    Our distance education programs adopt policies of independent recruitment, online registration and examination, online learning and mobile learning. Our programs run all the year round, and learners can enroll either in the Spring or the Fall semester. Learners who complete all courses, the graduation thesis, and meet the requirements of XJTU will receive Online Education Graduation certificate issued by XJTU, which is electronically registered by the Ministry of Education and recognized by the state. Graduates will be granted adult bachelor's degree once they meet requirements stipulated in Regulations Concerning Academic Degrees in People's Republic of China, and related requirements of XJTU (XJTU Teaching [2007] 72).
    Tel on distance education: 029-82668879, 029-82668867.

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